Poem title:  poem) (from next season:

Process Notes:

I found three pages in my notebook that show a little of the process of how I wrote this poem.
The first page: A printout of Marco’s poem with twin columns of numbers on the left side of
each line—the number of lines per stanza (11 for all) and the number of syllables per line.
Then, a tally:
• 1 line has 7 syllables
• 7 lines have 6
• 27 have 5 (27! have 5)
• 8 have 4
• Three lines are imperatives

I drew a line and arrow at the center of the poem. I circled, underlined, made boxes around
some words, or partial words.

• ‘motel red sunset’ has the familiar workshop marginalia: !
• ‘untraceable girl’ is underlined twice
• I drew arrows to connect boy and gameday; not and knot; too and too; indigo birdnote;
birdnote and girl

The second and third pages: Along the left side of yellow legal paper, I copied Marco’s poem.
I put a box around words or parts of words I liked, scribbled out the rest. Along the right side,
I started writing phrases.
On the second page, there’s a sketch of a tilted box with a cross inside. That’s a kite.
The bottom right corner of the third page is torn, probably for a grocery list or a phone number.

Kilowatt Process_Page_1.jpg
Kilowatt Process_Page_2.jpg
Kilowatt Process_Page_3.jpg