I met Alex Rothman, the fantastic editor of Ink Brick, after he spoke on an AWP panel about comics poetry (or poetry comics, or, I call them po-coms): combination of words and images in a way that are 'free from the tyranny of narrative' (Bianca Stone's quote) that typically guides graphic novels or comics.

Alex points to Joe Brainard of the New York School Poets as a founder comics poetry. These are the first comic poetry pieces I submitted, the first to be published. Get a preview here. Purchase Ink Brick e-issues to see them in situ surrounded by amazing artists and writers of po-coms.

Here are previews from Ink Brick #5 of two of my poetry comics, Tomorrow, I'll Climb a Mountainand With a Canopener—both based on pieces from my Dear Z project that I developed during my residency at Can Serrat in Spain.


a preview, with a canopener: