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In April 2017, I moved from Dubai, UAE to Madrid, Spain.
I will no longer be teaching in Dubai. 
However, I plan on setting up courses in Madrid.
Check back soon for more details.


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There are courses for various writing levels, various genres.
However, these courses are only for writers 17 or older.


advance creative writing workshop dubai dina hardy

All Genre Advanced Writing Workshop (By invitation or application only)

  • Location: The Greens, Links East Tower meeting room
  • Schedule: Monday nights. 
    • 13, 20, 27 Feb & 6 March
    • 6:30-8:30pm
  • Price: AED 1125 (cash or cheque only, please)

This 4-week course is for advanced writers with current projects who are looking for close critique on their work and are willing to provide constructive feedback to others. The main goal, though, is to introduce advanced writers to each other and build, in Dubai, a community of strong writers. 

all genre creative writing workshop dubai

Creative Writing Workshop & Studio

  • Location: The Greens, Links East Tower meeting room
  • Schedule: Tuesdays & Thursday nights
    • 14, 16, 21, 23 February
    • 6:30 - 8:30pm
  • Price: AED 900 (cash or cheque only, please)

This course, for writers of all levels, is a sampling of genres. We'll explore different writing techniques, discuss literary examples and authors, experiment with in-class writing exercises, and workshop the results. Bring writing implements and your imagination!

graphic novel poetry comics course dubai

Graphic Novel & Poetry Comics

  • Location: The Greens, Links East Tower meeting room
  • Schedule: Mondays & Wednesday nights
    • 12, 15, 19, 22 February
    • 6:30 - 8:30pm
  • Price: AED 900 (cash or cheque only, please)

If you've started a graphic novel, a comic, or are curious about how comics work, join us to examine the endless ways of story-telling in this fascinating genre. We'll look at single-panel comics and the cross-discipline genre of poetry comics: two great tastes that taste great together! 


Generative Writing through Prompts & Play

There's no right or wrong answer. There's no such thing as writers' block. These are the two tenets of this course. I'll guide you through in-class writing prompts guaranteed to expand your imagination, and lead you to new places in your work. All genres encouraged. New genres welcomed. 


Poetry Studio & Workshop

What is poetry? Different areas of the world, different writers, have different definitions. We'll read examples, explore some wildly different definitions and forms and styles—from narrative to experimental, from sestinas to sound poems. We'll write and workshop your results.


Character Development & Plot

Story = Character + Plot. Given this equation, strong stories have unforgettable characters and a well-developed plot. We'll examine examples. You'll learn some tips, tricks, and tools fiction writers use for developing characters from life. We'll discuss the elements of a successful plot. 


How to Maintain a Successful Blog

So, you started a blog. Now what? In this class, you'll get individual feedback on your site. We'll look at what's working, and how to improve to gain followers and make your blog useful for your readers. You'll discover the joy of blogging: creating and connecting to a worldwide community. 

flash fiction prose poetry writing course dubai

Flash Fiction & Prose Poetry

This cross-discipline genre is especially popular with online journals and readers with short attention spans. Don't be fooled by the size: these bite-sized literary morsels pack a lot of flavor in a few words. Let's check out the ingredients to see how they work. Let's concoct our own. 



“The one thing I will take away from this class… is that writing is not as hard as it seems. Once you get into the process of writing it’s amazing how you can come up with a million stories. I also learned that almost everything you write has the potential to be a great story as long as you have well-written characters and conflict. 
I would definitely recommend this class to a friend. I realized within this class that writing can be a highly enjoyable experience. It also helped that my fellow classmates and instructor encouraged me to keep at it. I was previously always too shy to write and read out what I had written. 
I found this class to be exactly what I needed. It provided me with that gentle push… to look into writing seriously. I got a lot of encouragement and all feedback was constructive. The in-class exercises were very helpful and I definitely see myself being more open to sharing my work now.”
—Aisha H.


“The whole class for me was a new experience. I started out wanting to improve my business writing, but ended up really enjoying exploring creative writing.
Everything I’ve learned was new to me. Exercises helped me understand how to come up with a story.”  
—Dalia M.


“Writing is a workout, the more you practice the better you get at it. All the writing exercises and assignments were extremely insightful and made me push my boundaries and think outside the box. The class was very insightful; it was exactly what I had hoped a writing class to be and more. It was very enjoyable and I looked forward to it every time I came. It made writing exciting and a joy to which I didn’t feel that way before. [Dina] was very positive, supportive, and had a lot of helpful and informative tips to give us.” 
—Azza A.