Client: Urban Juicery
Roles: ad copywriter, brand manager, designer, marketing director
Audience: Well, that's what we were trying to figure out. 
Objective: Create a brochure / print ad for Urban Juicery's juice cleanse program.

But first, we had to define who and what Urban Juicery is.

Tags—project roles & focus: 
 adsbrand directioncontent management & strategycreative directiondesigninteractive / gamespitchesproject lead copywriterUX direction

The Story

The first direction I received from the owner of Urban Juicery was to create an ad that was "cheeky." I presented the dinosaur masticating. She was not amused.

Since Urban Juicery was a start-up, she was still defining her brand and personality. I created questionnaires for her, interviewed her, looked at her competitions' styles——and created a few more ads to see what she gravitated to. She liked "Enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of our labour". 


In addition to speaking for the brand, Dina always writes with the guest in mind, and for this reason, too, her work is exemplary, engaging the end user while clearly communicating the value of the product.
—Victoria C., Website Producer



(nods to Gwendolyn Brooks & Nick Cave)