Client: Disneyland Hotel
Roles: brand storyteller, content strategist, project lead copywriter, researcher
Audience: Disneyphiles. People who like to search for and click on tiny Xs on website images. 
Objective: Show a 360º image of the bar, invite Guests to select Xs and learn more about the wacky world of the Jungle Cruise-inspired tropical tavern.
Results: Increased interest in Trader Sam's.

Tags—project roles & focus: 
adscreative directioninteractive / games
project lead copywriterresearch


Dina’s positive attitude and passion for all the projects we worked on, always made her my first choice when it was time to request a copy resource.”
—Thomas S., Project Manager


The Story

Disney lore goes something like this. There's a guy named Sam. Sam's a successful witchdoctor, with a special talent for collecting things and making head-shrinking potions. He boasts the title of "head salesman" of the jungle. Hey, he says, I'll gladly trade two of my heads——he holds up two shriveled noggins——for one of yours. He taps your noodle. Gulp.

You can pick up some of Sam's wares——trinkets, beads, masks——at the Jungle Cruise Navigational Company store when you return to shore after a journey on the Original 1955 Disneyland attraction the Jungle Cruise.

Sam's got a good friend named Skip. Skip runs the ships. Skip calls those who operate the Jungle Cruise attraction Skippers. He's like that. On the Jungle Cruise, you travel through, well, the jungle, the Disney jungle. There are jokes about cannibals. The 1950s were like that. There are rapid-fire puns and an overflow of groans. The more puns, the better. 

As Sam travels the world, he keeps collecting more stuff. And he's expanded his talents to include mixing exotic alcoholic elixirs——which also have an intoxicating effect on your head.

So, Sam set up a bar. He borrowed some of the flavors and fun from the Adventures Club, a Walt Disney World Paradise Island nightclub that closed in 2008.

Sam put Skip in charge of the new watering hole, and shipped his collection of artifacts and photos from his worldwide expeditions as decoration for the tropical oasis. The place is packed to the bamboo rafters. Each item has a story.

When you scrolled through the 360º image on the website, and clicked on an X, you opened a window that offered a bit of trivia.

Copywriters are told puns are bad. Use a pun, go to jail. Yeah? Shakespeare never heard that. This isn't Shakespearean script, but I had fun. Work should be like that.