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Roles: brand storyteller, project lead copywriter, researcher
Audience: Various.
Objective: Entertain. Educate. Gather data.
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"I know I can trust Dina to get the job done with excellence, professionalism, a sense of humor and a no-fuss attitude.”
—Judy S., Online Strategy and Product Development


trivia for Disney Animals game widget


Pumbaa is a:

Warthogs have:
two pairs of tusks
fast computers
good math skills

A sloth is so slow:
it eats mostly leaves
algae grows on its fur
it moves 1 ft/minute
all of these

Giraffes attack:
by licking
by tricking
by kicking
by lemonade sipping

Ostriches run:
up to 40 mph
towards danger
around the world
a tight ship

Kopjes are:
a formation of rocks
two kangaroos
a group of tiny deer
many insect fossils

Wallabies look like:
my uncle Dave

A group of meerkats:
is called a mob
fight city crime
live in New Jersey
own a restaurant

Warthogs are:

A meerkat colony has:
its own flag
up to 30 members
bad air conditioning
great parties

Giant anteaters walk:
on their back legs
with tails in the air
on their knuckles
backwards only

Hippos spend the night
eating grass
pirouetting in tutus
hunting with the lions
singing show tunes

Insects account for:
2% of the animal kingdom
9% of the animal kingdom
43% of the animal kingdom
80% of the animal kingdom

Baby giraffes are born:
6 feet tall
without a tail
weighing 5 pounds
only in January

Extinction is:
a myth
only for dinosaurs

Leapin’ lizards,

  • you got (#13-15) questions right. You’re wiser than an owl!
  • you got (# 9-12) questions right. You have a memory like an elephant!
  • you got (# 5-8) questions right. You have animal magnetism!
  • you got (# 0-4) questions right. You’re the bee’s knees!



What is the name of the ship in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction?

a.     The Marc Davis
b.     The Rum Runner
c.      The 'Wicked Wench'

Daisy Duck’s nieces are named

a.     Do, Re & Mi
b.     Rose, Tulip & Lilly
c.     April, May & June

Which attraction first used Audio-Animatronics figures?

a.     “it’s a small world”
b.     Indiana Jones Adventure
c.     Enchanted Tiki Room

Tarzan’s Treehouse tree is a

a.     Disneyodendron semperflorens grandis
b.     Edgariceboughroughs decussate
c.     Weismulleria autumnalis rosa

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad rushes through what town?

a.     Tumbleweed
b.     Marceline
c.     Burbank

Who attended the Space Mountain attraction opening?

a.     'Mercury' astronauts
b.     The President of the U.S.
c.     extraterrestrials

Minnie Mouse’s father, Marcus,

a.     was a farmer
b.     was a teacher
c.     was a grocer

The elephants in The Jungle Cruise attraction are

a.     reading a newspaper
b.     bathing in waterfalls
c.     wearing ballet slippers

Who in a movie once said, Kiss me?

a.     Dopey
b.     Dumbo
c.     Pluto

The mayor in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is named

a.     Carlos
b.     Juan
c.     Alfredo

Ride the Grizzly River Run attraction and you will

a.     get wet
b.     see surfers
c.     arrive in Ventura, California

Fauntleroy is

a.     Mickey Mouse’s middle name
b.     Donald Duck’s middle name
c.     Goofy’s middle name

Pinocchio’s Daring Journey was groundbreaking because

a.     this attraction used real donkeys
b.     it was the first attraction to use holographic technology
c.     this attraction has the most Audio-Animatronics figures


selections from the poll 'how do you do a Disney vacation?' 


When do you prefer to visit Walt Disney World Resort?
( )  When tiny lights sparkle and thoughts of sugar plums dance in my head.
( )  When buds burst and flowers bloom.
( )  When the warmth of the sun matches the love in my heart.
( )  When there are pumpkins a-plenty and the air is as crisp as the leaves.

How long do you like to stay at Walt Disney World Resort?
( )  1-3 days
( )  4-7 days
( )  8-14 days
( )  a month
( ) I’d like to stay forever

What type of Walt Disney World Vacation Package are you?
( )  Natural: Resort hotel only
( )  Playful: Resort hotel + theme park tickets
( )  Feast-ive: Resort hotel + dining
( )  Exuberant: Resort hotel + theme park tickets + dining

Who in your travel party decides which attractions you ride?
( )  The ones with the drivers’ licenses and credit cards
( )  The ones with the music player attached to their ears
( )  The ones in the strollers and/or are less than 42” tall

How many context-free dollar signs do you select when you’re searching for a restaurant?
( ) 1 ($)
( ) 2 ($$)
( ) 3 ($$$$)


trivia from samples of detailed pages


Fun Facts about Festival of the Lion King

  • There are approximately 136 costumes that are worn by the cast in the Festival of the Lion King show.
  • The Lion King, from which Festival of the Lion King is based, borrows certain elements from Shakespeare's Hamlet, including the storyline of a young prince whose uncle takes over a kingdom after murdering the king.

Fun Facts about Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction

  • First the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction inspired the movies—now the movies have inspired the attraction. Innovative special effects and popular characters Captain Jack Sparrow, his nemesis Captain Barbossa and the ghostly Davy Jones have been woven into the story of a Caribbean seaport town under siege by boisterous buccaneers.
  • Depart on the Pirates of the Caribbean journey through an 18th century Spanish fortress known as El Castillo - Torre del Sol, which translates to The Castle - Fortress of the Sun. The exact date on this post is MDCXLIII AD, or 1643 AD.
  • Populating the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction are 65 Audio-Animatronics pirates and villagers, and 60 Audio-Animatronics animals.
  • The Pirates of the Caribbean theme song’s opening lyrics are:

"Yo ho yo ho, a pirate's life for me!
We pillage and plunder, we rifle and loot
Drink up me hearties, yo ho!
We kidnap and ravage and don't give a hoot
Drink up me hearties, yo ho!"

  • "Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)" was the first song ever written by X Atencio, a Disney Imagineer. An artist, animator and writer, he also wrote the storyline and lyrics to the theme song for the Haunted Mansion attraction. In 1996, X Atencio was inducted in The Disney Legends program, which honors the talents and accomplishments of those who have become part of The Walt Disney Company history.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean was originally envisioned as a walk-through attraction until Walt Disney saw the possibilities presented by the boats in the "it's a small world" attraction at the 1964 New York World's Fair.
  • Construction began on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction less than 6 months after the Walt Disney World grand opening on October 1, 1971. Pirates of the Caribbean celebrated its opening on December 15, 1973.
  • Pirates of the Caribbean was the last Disney attraction that was personally supervised by Walt Disney.