Client: Arctos Press & Juno Wilson

  • For anthology: Book layout and design. Project manager.
  • For both projects: Publication copywriter.

Audience: Poetry & music fans.
Objective: Write press releases for print & web publication.
Results: For anthology: reading was standing-room only.  

Tags—project roles & focus:    
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This isn't easy, but it would look like a collapsed spider web without you."
—Jan W., Poet


The Story

The writing group I've been involved with (off & on) for the past 15 years put together an anthology—and Arctos Press published it. (Also available on Amazon.)

Some of the writers in this group have been working together and supporting each other for 20 or more years. This collection represents a celebratory retrospective of 10 Los Angeles over the last two decades.

As these press releases explain, it was a challenge to define this group: how long has the group been together? where did the founding members met? who was in the original group? does the group have a name?

It was also difficult to define the type of writing in this book. All of the work falls somewhere on the narrative spectrum, but sometimes lyric and fractured. Many of the poems reflect life in Los Angeles. 


Book Design & Layout

In the beginning stages of the project, someone in the group asked me if I had access to InDesign. I said yes. Great, Jim said, you're doing the page layouts and book design. 

He forgot to ask if I knew how to use InDesign.

Because I will learn the cuss out of anything I'm excited about, I spent the next month teaching myself InDesign—watched You Tube videos when I got stuck—and I designed the inside of the book.

Jim's wife, Tania Baban—a book artist & graphic designer—and he finalized the design and created the cover art. Holaday took the photo. Sarah edited. Jeanette and Brenda were the finance team. Almost all have set up promotional readings. A group effort.

At our first reading, at Los Angeles's famous Beyond Baroque, the folding chairs were taken out of storage, and when they were filled, the event became standing room only for our audience. 


announcement of book-release reading


Publication Party and Reading for
Angle of Reflection poetry anthology

Friday, December 9, 2016
Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center
681 Venice Blvd
Venice, CA 90291
(310) 822-3006




10 Los Angeles Poets in Denial of Time’s Existence, Launch Anthology Anyway

Venice, CA – November 24, 2016 – Ten poets who have been working together for two decades will read, pre-launch their book Angle of Reflection, and say things like, We’ve been together for 20 years?! Not possible. And, 1996 was such a transitional year. And, I’m having more wine. For perspective, says another, 20 years—that’s 140 generations of gnats. Everything’s a metaphor for poets.

Join these readers for this celebration of the lyric and the years: Marjorie Becker, Jeanette Clough, Dina Hardy, Paul Lieber, Sarah Maclay, Holaday Mason, Jim Natal, Jan Wesley, Brenda Yates, and Mariano Zaro.




Angle of Reflection Poetry Anthology Launches at Top Los Angeles Literary Location

Venice, CA – November 24, 2016 – Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center hosts the book-release reading for an anthology that celebrates various interpretations of the lyric narrative, the narrative lyric, and 20 years of unity for this collection of poets: Marjorie Becker, Jeanette Clough, Dina Hardy, Paul Lieber, Sarah Maclay, Holaday Mason, Jim Natal, Jan Wesley, Brenda Yates, and Mariano Zaro.

  • “Wisely, … [these poets have] understood the ways a group anthology could go beyond a mere showcase of their writing.” — David St. John, author Study for the World’s Body and The Last Troubadour: Selected and New Poems

  • “The poems in Angle of Reflection are…  sensuous and savvy, and the interaction between inner and outer landscapes is consistently mesmerizing.” — Gail Wronsky, author of So Quick Bright Things

  • “This anthology covers tremendous ground.” — Chris Abani, author of Sanctificum and Hands Washing Water




10 Poets Who Can’t Agree on Much, Collaborate on Anthology—Offer Hope in Divided Times

The ten poets in the Angle of Reflection anthology can’t agree on exactly when or where they formed their workshop group—they settled on twenty years, where? has various answers—or, what the name of their collective is—there isn’t an official name. But they all agree: this book is the result of the group’s talents, skills, and immense respect for each other that evolved over two decades. Join these readers for this celebration of community, collaboration, and endurance: Marjorie Becker, Jeanette Clough, Dina Hardy, Paul Lieber, Sarah Maclay, Holaday Mason, Jim Natal, Jan Wesley, Brenda Yates, and Mariano Zaro. 


announcement of publication


Announcement of Angle of Reflection 
Poetry Anthology Publication

Publisher: Arctos Press (2017)
Collected Poets: Marjorie Becker, Jeanette Clough,
Dina Hardy, Paul Lieber, Sarah Maclay,
Holaday Mason, Jim Natal, Jan Wesley,
Brenda Yates, and Mariano Zaro
6x9 Paperback: 194 pages
Language: English
ISBN: 978-0-98978471-9
Price: $20.00
Shipping Weight: 13.5 ounces / 383 grams




10 Poets Who Can’t Agree on Much, Collaborate on Anthology—Offer Hope in Divided Times

Venice, CA – November 24, 2016 – Ten poets reflect on working together for twenty years (give or take), and on the process of producing an anthology to commemorate the longevity of this group.

For each question, various answers: 

When did this group form? 1995. 1996. 1997.

Where did you meet? Midnight Special Bookstore workshop. The Church in Ocean Park. Beyond Baroque. That’s not how I remember it.

What’s the name of this group? Monday Night Poetry Posse. David St. John’s Master Class. The Venice Salon. Los Angeles Poetry Project. None of the above.

How many are in the group? Ten. Fifteen? Maybe 20. It depends on the iteration of the group, and year. This anthology is a collection of the ten current members.

With these differences of opinions and disagreements, how did this book even get made? The Angle of Reflection anthology is the result of this group’s talents, skills, and immense respect for each other. It was a true collaborative process. The product of actual egalitarian decisions. Hope, despite any divisions.

Of this, everyone agrees.

Angle of Reflection is a celebration of community, collaboration, and the diverse work of these poets: Marjorie Becker, Jeanette Clough, Dina Hardy, Paul Lieber, Sarah Maclay, Holaday Mason, Jim Natal, Jan Wesley, Brenda Yates, and Mariano Zaro. 




Angle of Reflection, Not Another Los Angeles Poetry Anthology

Venice, CA – November 24, 2016 – Another Los Angeles anthology has appeared on the literary landscape, but don’t be so quick to dismiss it as part of the herd. This isn’t the usual: one editor, a singular aesthetic, an easily expressed theme or ‘about’——no, according to Chris Abani, author of Sanctificum and Hands Washing Water, “This anthology covers tremendous ground,” and is “a unique amalgamation of poets.”

Marjorie Becker, Jeanette Clough, Dina Hardy, Paul Lieber, Sarah Maclay, Holaday Mason, Jim Natal, Jan Wesley, Brenda Yates, and Mariano Zaro are the ten prize-winning poets in this collection. Some have a history of working together that dates back twenty years——all are exceptionally accomplished and diverse. Perhaps the only umbrella term to categorize the poems in this anthology is narrative——though each poet’s section offers an individual interpretation and definition.

However, there is nothing fragmented about the way this anthology flows. Through, and because and despite of, the differences in these poets’ work, these poems carry on complex conversations across sections——correspondences that invite the reader to engage with the contrasts and similarities. Gail Wronsky, author of So Quick Bright Things, defines Angle of Reflection as “a cabinet of semiotic wonders, a treasury of the poetic image, rife with delight and discovery.”

The group has gone through much iteration in two decades. The original members started as a splitter group after Santa Monica’s Midnight Special Bookstore closed, ending the workshop held there. Other writers joined——some left, some stayed. At some point, poet and gifted teacher David St. John (who goes into more detail about the history of this group in his introduction to Angle of Reflection) lead the small weekly workshop. 

In trying to determine how long the group has been together, where everyone met, when members joined and left, the email exchanges to define the group’s history became a string long enough, it seemed, to weave a scarf for the planet. Trying to decide on a name for the group, to be used as the subtitle of this anthology, was another lengthy exchange. The group, while under St. John’s guidance, was referred to as the Monday Night Poetry Posse. But that was so long ago, some voted to rebrand and rename. Except, no one could agree on one name, one angle to describe this collective and collection.

What the group did agree on is that they have several streams of history and that this anthology is a reservoir: a place that captures poems that serve as a retrospective, plus incredibly current work——supporting evidence that this group is ever evolving.

The group also agrees that this anthology is the result of this group’s talents, skills, and immense respect for each other——a true collaborative production process, with actual egalitarian decisions. Hope, kindness, admiration always won, despite any divisions.

Angle of Reflection celebrates a community of individual styles, and outstandingly honors the group’s longevity. 


announcement of Juno Wilson's debut album

The Story

A friend's son released his first album. There was a big launch party in Dubai. I was asked to write a press release about the event. 

The release was published on CD Baby and on Juno's website


World Premier of Juno Wilson’s 3-Song Demo Kicks off His Music Career

Glance at the past and get a glimpse into this rising musician’s promising future


Dubai, UAE, June 2014 —Slip back to Sinatra’s world: mid-20th century in America when style meant sharp suits, fashionable dresses, and refreshing cocktails sipped at sunset by the pool.

Nearly 8 decades later—and halfway around the world from his hometown of Los Angeles, CA—22-year-old Juno Wilson’s voice fills an elegant Dubai villa during an exclusive event, attended by entertainment elite, to debut his 3-song demo that includes: I Get a Kick Out of You, In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning, and Come Fly with Me. Though not new music in 2014, Wilson offers his take on these stylish tracks popularized by Sinatra.

With his voice, propelled by the power of youth and balanced by all the class and sophistication these songs require, Wilson places himself in direct dialogue with those who have covered these offerings from the Great American Songbook. And he holds his own in this decades’-long conversation.

The timeless music provides a fitting soundtrack to the scene outside: reflections of palm trees and city lights shimmer in the pool; the sun sets. But, this is a beginning. This moment marks the official start of Juno Wilson’s professional music career.

This multi-talented engineer-turned-music major at Cal Poly Pomona has been taking lessons since he was 5: piano, tenor sax (he plays the sax fills on all 3 demo songs), ukulele, and bass. His greatest influence, he says, is Bing Crosby.

Wilson is currently working on a Christmas album, à la Brian Setzer and Michael Bublé. Future plans for Wilson include exploring other genres, such as rap, and expanding his boundaries with experimental sounds, inspired by Bjork.

Dubai’s support for artists grows exponentially under the generous leadership of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. This extraordinary Emirate has become the hub and important tour stop for today’s pop icons and hottest performers. It also provides fertile ground for emerging talent.

Please support Juno Wilson and his new career!