Client: Disney Cruise Line
Roles: travel writer, researcher
Audience: Guests booking a cruise on and planning excursions
Objective: Introduce Guests to the shore excursion options on their Barcelona vacation. 
Challenges: Like a lot of writers writing travel descriptions, I'd never been to Barcelona, and had to research to find information. I also had to match the tone of the lead copywriter. 

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The Story

I included this project for nostalgic reasons: it was my first major assignment at WDRPO, where I was able to prove my mimicry skills and display my love of research.

Nearly a decade later, I found myself at a writing residency in Barcelona, exploring these exact locations. 


Dina is simply dynamite. She not only writes fantastic copy but she’s an insightful team member who contributes to projects on multiple levels. Best of all, she’s not satisfied with the status quo. You want someone who just grills up some words and slaps them on your document? That’s NOT Dina. She’s both passionate and reliable, delivering top-notch work that’s a touchdown every time. I had the pleasure of working with her for years at Disney, where she was lauded for her innovation and creativity.” 
—Maria A., Copywriter




The Story, Continued

Five years later, Disney Cruise Line redesigned their site and had many of their detail pages rewritten to reflect new shore excursions and a brand new ship. I was a contributing writer for that massive project. 

At that time, I was telecommuting from San Francisco, to Disney's Burbank office, because I was attending Stanford University as a Stegner Fellow in poetry. The overlap showed.



DCL really put us all behind the proverbial 8 ball with the amount of work… and so little time to accomplish the task, but you really came through. It, of course, wasn’t simply a case of writing quickly… it was a case of writing clearly, concisely and (dare I say) with a touch of a poet!”
—BJ M., Copy Manager


“I want to address the fact that you work “remotely”—and how what could have proven a detriment, if not actually unworkable—has worked beautifully primarily because of your abilities as a self starter, as a very disciplined and organized person, and as a dedicated worker. Those qualities have taken a situation that by its nature has some downsides and practically eliminated them. Nice work, Dina!”
—BJ M., Copy Manager