Clients: Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Vacation Club, Disney Cruise Line
Roles: content strategist, project lead copywriter, UX lead
Audience: Guests booking accessible rooms online


  • Update sites to meet revised ADA regulations.
  • Educate Guests about the various accessibility services and products in Disney Resort hotels, and eliminate their concerns.
  • Ensure Guests with Disabilities can book accessible rooms in the same manner as non-accessible rooms.


  • Incredibly accelerated and execrated deadlines.
  • Intense legal requirements and reviews due to sensitive content.
  • Different tech teams, producers, CMS for all four brand tracks.
  • Each track has a slightly different tone.
  • Content could not simply be cut, pasted, and reused. 
  • and were beginning their site redesigns, so content had to work with current websites and fit future redesign templates. 
  • Complicated products and services.
  • Accessible hotel and room features had to be identified in sufficient detail, so Guests could determine if the accommodations addressed their particular needs.


  • Met—and, with Disney Vacation Club, exceeded—all deadlines and legal requirements.
  • Sites became ADA compliant.
  • Improved experience for Guests with Disabilities. 

Tags—project roles & focus: 
 content management & strategyproject lead copywriterstrategic thinkingtechnical writingUX direction


I recognized you in our weekly Business and Priorities “Executive” Meeting for your work in getting BAR launched, AHEAD of the deadline! Given the challenges of launching MOB and BAR, the amount of coordination you had to do was impressive. Thanks for all your hard work and efforts!”
—Jarett S., VP Operations Management


The Story

Accessible. Rooms.

  • After nearly a year of countless copy documents, endless hours of meetings and discussions, and intense web dev and tech work, this project became so simplified as to be reduced to these 2 words and a check box in the booking quick quote module:

This was an intense, complicated, and important project. 

  • ~400 new room types were created within the Disney Hotels, which represented ~1,500 actual rooms with accessible features. Accessible room type descriptions were then organized into one of 4 categories, which offered different services for Guests with various needs. 


  • For simplification and consistency, I created a copy element library, which included copy (descriptions, error messages, link copy, etc) that could be used across all brand sites. 


  • As shown in this comp, the copy next to the check box says "Accessible Rooms & Features." At one point, the copy was a question: Do you need an accessible room? Another point had copy from the user's perspective: I need an accessible room. 


  • As we started putting copy in context—which wouldn't have been possible without the support and collaboration of the tech & design teams—we realized there was too much copy; we were trying to solve the Guests' needs before we knew what they were. Recognizing we were going down the same path as My Disney Vacation (Why do I have to tell you my  kids' birthday before I can make Goofy my favorite character on this page?) It was time to simplify, simplify, simplify. 


  • Copy in context also means, copy in context of the conversation with the Guest, the user of the page. Let's ask questions, get answers, and then provide product results. Let's reduce the conversation to 2 words——start slowly, and build from that point, a little at a time.

in others' words

"I worked with Dina on several projects supporting Disneyland marketing efforts and enhancements. Dina was always eager to work with me and my development colleagues to determine how best to balance copy and voice considerations with our technical requirements. Our collaboration alongside of our production partners directly contributed to the success of these projects time and again. I appreciate her flexibility and skill in addressing multiple (sometimes conflicting) directions and look forward to working with her again.”
—Matt R., Staff Web Developer


“Dina and I worked closely together on several Web projects at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online (WDPRO). She proved to be incredibly attuned to end user intentions and crafted copy and messaging that complemented the UX design. Dina was an effective team member, carefully considering the data and various opinions adding incredible value to the design process. She was very efficient and thorough.”
—Sam R., Information Architect