PROJECT: adventures by disney ADVENTURE ADVISOR

Client: Adventures by Disney (ABD)
Roles: content strategist, project lead copywriter, UX lead, WTFer
Audience: Guests planning a vacation with ABD
Objective: The Business objective was to create a more "entertaining" and "fun" experience while vacation planning.
Challenge: Convince the Business to cancel the project.
Results: The project was cancelled.

Tags—project roles & focus:
content management & strategyinteractive / gamespitchesproject lead copywriterstrategic thinkingtravel writingUX direction 

The Story

in others' words

You’ve done a great job of questioning pages that weren’t designed as good Guest experiences. The results are quite a few examples of improved Guest experiences that originated with your strategic questions. Excellent writing. Superb strategic evaluation of every assignment: you are always proactive and brave if you think a page is not going to achieve its objective. ”
—BJ M.,
Copy Manager


Thank you for your wonderful partnership on this! The business and I definitely had a light-bulb moment when reviewing your suggestions. We had been looking at it so long that we couldn’t see this most logical and simple flow until you…stepped in to help. Thank you thank you thank you. You are so awesome! Any more studies [like the one you sent], send them my way, this gives me great talking points with the business”
—Autumn S.,
Account Manager


The Story

This was an unusual project. 

When this assignment came to me from ABD, I was working on a Disneyland registration project that required a lot of disclaimers and legal restrictions. I was excited by this ABD project, which had a slight promise of being more creative.

The goal was to provide Guests with a "fun" and "entertaining" 5-question vacation planning experience. 

While I was writing questions for the Adventure Advisor, I calculated the various outcomes——and realized some combinations of answers led to a null set, zero, no match found. The Guest gets nothing.

I also realized ABD already had a trip selector that worked well, and we were reinventing the wheel with the Adventure Advisor. 

Sunk costs is a hard concept for some, but eventually, through spreadsheets, studies, proofs, and patience, I convinced the Business to cancel the project——which saved tech, design, creative costs, brand damage, and——most importantly——Guest frustration. 

copy for ABD's adventure advisor



I want to travel to a destination with___.
o The Great Outdoors and amazing wildlife
o Ancient ruins and cultural mysteries
o Famous landmarks and cosmopolitan skies

Results for Question 1

o [Alaska, Wyoming, Winter Wonderland, Galapagos Cruise, Galapagos/Ecuador, South Africa, Southwest, Canada, Australia]

o  [Greece, Peru, China, SE Asia, Scotland, Egypt, England/France]

o [Mid-Atlantic, SoCal, Germany, Viva, Bella, France, Switzerland, Ireland]

2. LENGTH OF TRIP 5+, 8+, 10+ DAYS

The memories will last a lifetime, but the amount of time I have for this trip is ___.
o 5, 6, or 7 days
o 8 or 9 days
o 10, 12, or 13 days

Results for Question 2

o  [Winter Wonderland, So Cal, Costa Rica, Canada, Wyoming]

o  [England/France, Ireland, Switzerland, Alaska, Southwest, Mid-Atlantic, Peru, Galapagos/Ecuador, Germany, Viva, Bella, Scotland]

o [Egypt, South Africa, Galapagos cruise, Greece, Australia, China, SE Asia]


I want to spend most of my time___.
o Meeting wildlife, exploring forest and enjoying boat rides
o Visiting museums, strolling through markets and enjoying resort amenities

Results for Question 3

o  [Alaska, Canada, Wyoming, Southwest, Costa Rica, Ecuador/Galapagos, Galapagos, Peru, Greece, Switzerland, Australia, Egypt, South Africa]

o  [So-Cal, Mid-Atlantic, England/France, France, Germany, Ireland, Viva, Bella, Scotland, China, SE Asia]


I would be very excited if my trip included ___.
o White-water rafting
o Snorkeling
o Biking
o Cooking Lessons

Results for Question 4

o  [Costa Rica, Peru, Wyoming, Alaska, Southwest, Canada]

o  [Galapagos/Ecuador, Galapagos Cruise, Egypt, Australia]

o  [Germany, France, Bella, Swizerland, Scotland, Australia, South Africa]

o [England/France, France, Swizerland, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, SE Asia, Greece, Bella, Viva, Peru, Southwest]


When I return home, I will have photos and souvenirs from ___.
o Asia, Africa, or Australia
o Central or South America
o Europe
o North America

Results for Question 5

o  [Asia, Africa, or Australia]

o  [Central or South America]

o  [Europe]

o North America